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BPF announces new president

Published on: 18 Jul 2017

Paul Brundage has been announced as the new president of the British Property Federation (BPF).

He is the executive vice-president and senior managing director, Europe at Oxford Properties. Brundage, the BPF’s first Canadian president, succeeds David Sleath, chief executive at SEGRO. 

The BPF has appointed Helen Gordon, chief executive at Grainger, as its news junior vice-president. She takes over from Robert Noel, chief executive at Landsec, who become the vice-president. 

Melanie Leech, chief executive at the BPF, said: “Although Paul now holds dual nationality, his appointment as the first non-British President of the BPF is truly a significant landmark. Equally, Helen’s appointment as the BPF’s new junior vice-president is also a milestone – as only the second woman ever to join the BPF’s presidential team. These appointments, with Robert completing the team, demonstrate the BPF’s commitment to ensure a diverse range of views are helping to lead and shape our work.” 

Leech said Gordon’s experience and current role at the helm of the UK’s largest listed residential landlord will bring a “hugely valuable perspective to the presidential team”. 

Particularly, she continued, “as Brexit unfolds and the BPF continues to engage with the government on vital issues including real estate’s role in driving productivity and economic growth for the UK as well as tackling the legacy of chronic under-supply of housing”. 

Brundage said: “I truly believe that our success – whether as individuals, companies, industries or nations – depends on diversity of thought with people, genders, languages, cultures, geographies, asset classes and ownerships of all different types essential for a peaceful and sustainable future.”