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Case study: What makes you happy?

Published on: 29 Jan 2019

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Mattinson Partnership logoWhat makes you happy?

The Planner’s Careers Survey 2018/19 asks how happy planners feel in their careers and workplaces, writes Freddie Bell.

The survey identified a whole range of things that we associate with wellbeing at work, from opportunities to development, to how valued we feel, to resources available to us to do our jobs, to pay. 

Often it’s some lack in one of these areas that may make us feel restless. Sometimes it’s something more subtle or harder to define. Personally, I love my job because I get to help other people find jobs they really value, too. If I were struggling to make people feel happier, I might start questioning what I’m doing!

Of course, I always ask people to see if they can address specific sources of discontent before moving on. But once they’ve made up their mind my job is to help them make the career move that suits them best.

Remember, you spend a third of your life at work, so there’s simply no point staying somewhere that makes you unhappy. Wellbeing, reward, contentment, positive challenges – these are all possible to find, as Annabel MacGregor and Jane Terry can confirm.

A question of culture

“I worked for a great company with a variety of projects, but always felt like I didn’t quite fit in with the culture,” says Annabel. “Once I realised this, I got in touch with Freddie at Mattinson Partnership and he helped me work out a better fit by introducing me to a range of employers in different sectors across London. After a number of successful interviews, I now work client-side for L&Q delivering affordable housing and am excited to see where this takes me!" 

Managing relocation

“I was very happy working where I was, but was looking to relocate back to the Midlands for personal reasons. The tricky bit is that I was looking to replicate that unique mix that goes into 'happiness' at work elsewhere,” explains Jane. 

“I spoke to Freddie to enquire about an interesting position in the right location. He took time to understand what I was looking for and the reasons for the move. This was really helpful and re-assured me that his approach would be tailored specifically to me. He provided guidance at all stages – including setting up interviews and meeting with me to discuss prospects while exploring the 'fit' between them and what I was looking for. I’m now Associate Director in Nottingham for DLP Planning, an expanding office with great clients across the East Midlands.”

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