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Climbing the career ladder: Daniel Ramirez

Published on: 12 Dec 2016

Turley assistant planner Daniel Ramirez says that gaining relevant experience outside of work is important for career progression. He tells us about his journey so far.


Daniel Ramirez web [square]Where do you work and what does it involve?

I work at Turley in Southampton as an assistant planner. A large proportion of my work is focused on the residential sector with good mix of both policy and development management based jobs.

I am currently assisting with the preparation of a number of planning applications for medium to large housing developments across the South of England. On the policy side, I work with regional and national house builders to help identify land for development through individual site appraisal and strategic land searches.


Why did you decide to make the switch to your current planning role?

Having spent a large proportion of my career working in local government, I felt a new challenge was needed. The improving economy provided the ideal opportunity for me to take advantage of the opportunities that were emerging in the planning industry, particularly in the housing sector. Turley offered great career prospects, the chance to work with a highly regarded team of planners and gain experience in development management in a commercial setting.


What is the most important thing you've done to boost your career prospects?

I’ve worked in a number of authorities and I’ve been director of my own consultancy, which has given me breadth of knowledge and understanding of planning in very different contexts. I’ve also been involved in the South Coast Young Planners Network, having held the post of Network Chair for 2014. This has been a great supplement to my experience and has helped to show my enthusiasm for planning beyond the day job. I also completed my Masters in 2013 at UCL, which has given me the qualifications I need to work toward Chartered Town Planner status.


What's your advice for planners seeking new jobs?

The job market is booming so it’s a great time to consider career progression. Also, don’t underestimate the power of social networks.


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