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CV writing for planning professionals

Published on: 4 Mar 2014

In the competitive planning jobs market it is absolutely essential that your CV stands out. Research shows that the average employer spends less than 30 seconds reading a CV. So you have a very short space of time in which to tell your story and elicit a positive response. Your CV needs to be short, compelling and original.

Many CVs read like a job description which could apply to anyone doing a similar role. However, a powerful CV will show the difference you have made using examples to demonstrate. Your CV is like a personal sales brochure. It needs to highlight your achievements in a persuasive fashion. It’s taking a fresh approach in writing an achievements focused CV where a professional CV writing service can really make the difference.

The benefits of a CV writing service

A professional CV writer acts like a window looking into your career. They will write a CV that highlights and substantiates your achievements. They will craft a professional profile that engages the reader right from the outset. A professional CV writer will also advise on what to include and what not to include in line with best practice and anti-discrimination laws.

But a professional CV writer is more than just a wordsmith. It goes without saying they will create a professional looking CV that will meet the expectations of employers. CV writing services will also provide impartial advice on your job search. Guide you through the complex maze of job hunting. Boost your confidence and marketability.

Over 80% of CV Writers customers succeed in getting interviews within 8 weeks.

If you would like help with your CV then The Planner Jobs has teamed up with leading experts, CV Writers who provide a professional CV writing service. They offer a FREE CV review and help with a CV makeover, covering letters, Linkedin profiles, interview preparation and a whole range of services to help you get the interviews you deserve.