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How does planning relate to working for a law firm?

Published on: 11 Mar 2016

Using your planning knowledge and skills in a law firm can be a lucrative option. Stuart Andrews, who leads the national planning team at Eversheds, says the financial rewards are much higher than he ever expected to achieve as a trainee planner.

“It has been a very successful outcome for me, and rewarding in every sense,” he says.

He is dual-qualified in planning and law, (completing a diploma in law after his town planning degree), and is one of three professionals with the same qualification profile at Eversheds.

Andrews has been practising for 20 years in this dual role, and has worked on a wide range of projects. This experience has been much broader than he would have had as a planning consultant.

Law firms are more financially focused than a planning consultant, so the environment is at the more commercial end of planning practice.

A planner’s CV will need to show a good range of qualifications, and some experience working for a law firm.

It is also vital to “have something to say for yourself”, says Andrews, to hold your own in a demanding work setting.

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