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Lichfields launches natural lighting service

Written by: Prithvi Pandya
Published on: 25 Mar 2020

Toby Rogan-Lyons [square]Planning and development consultancy Lichfields has launched a neighbourly matters team to deliver natural lighting advice.

Toby Rogan-Lyons has been appointed director of Lichfields’s neighbourly matters team. He joins from real estate consultancy GL Hearn.

Irfan Ahmed joins as associate director and brings over 10 years of experience in the practical delivery of natural lighting studies.

The company said its new service will feature Rights to Light analysis and advice, solar glare studies and detailed overshadowing investigations.

Rogan-Lyons said: “As our towns and cities become more and more dense, buildings are having greater impacts on each other.

“Traditionally, the benefits to be gained from reducing energy consumption were at the heart of lighting considerations, but local authorities are increasingly taking a more holistic approach.

“Recent studies show that natural lighting can makes a difference with regards to anti-social behaviour and the physical and mental wellbeing of occupants. Research has shown not allowing for adequate natural light can have significant effects on mental health, emotional wellbeing and lead to increased crime in an area.”

Pictured: Toby Rogan-Lyons

Image credit | Lichfields