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LifeProven launches full service ESG partnership

Written by: Prithvi Pandya
Published on: 6 Dec 2022

Former wellbeing consultancy LifeProven has doubled its team and capabilities to offer, it says, a “unique” full service partnership for developers, investors and occupiers for the real estate industry.

The firm started as a wellbeing consultancy that focused predominantly on PBSA. LifeProven's owners has now added environmental services, as well as the governance aspect of ESG, to its offer by hiring experts in construction and project management as well as a data and analysis team.

Its team is now able to provide strategies for both assets and companies across the whole of ESG while applying commercial expertise. The team assesses the finance and budget of a company or development/asset and works out a way how to practically include ESG elements that will future proof the asset or company but add profitable value over time.

LifeProven has also reshaped the team and brought in construction and PM experts to deliver the building works needed to implement strategies to assets or developments in-house.

Image thumbnail credit | iStock