Montagu Evans appoints partner

Written by: Prithvi Pandya
Published on: 15 Feb 2019

Dr Roger Bowdler  [square]Planning and development consultancy Montagu Evans has appointed Dr Roger Bowdler partner in its planning team. 

Bowdler was formerly director of listing at Historic England where he was responsible for advising government on recommendations for buildings, battlefields, wrecks, archaeological sites and designed landscapes. environment.  

Dr Chris Miele, partner at Montagu Evans, said: “Roger’s expertise and knowledge are of real commercial value in all contexts, and particularly relevant when dealing with buildings from the post-war period, particularly commercial properties from the 1970s, 80s and even 90s. 

“Many buildings from this period are now being considered for listing, at critical points in the development and property cycle, and the risk of listing does not even figure on most owners’ radars. The risk is notoriously tricky to manage because sound judgments on the buildings of the recent past area really hard to come by in the market. 

“We have now, as part of the firm, an individual whose judgment and exposure in this area is, literally, unmatched. The contribution this expertise can make to site values is already being proved.”

Image credit | Montagu Evans