Part 1: Are we seeing a revival of public sector planning?

Written by: Francesa Perry
Published on: 31 Jul 2019

Local authority planning roles are diversifying, councils are delivering services in more innovative ways and borrowing caps have been lifted. are we seeing a reanimation of public sector planning in the UK? Francesca Perry reports

Public vs private

The line between public and private sector is not clear for all planners, writes The Planner’s deputy editor Simon Wicks. But the 2017 RTPI member survey revealed that 49 per cent work in local government, with a further 6 per cent working in central government. So more than half are definitively ‘public sector’ planners.

In many respects our latest careers survey confirmed the perception that public sector planning has been hit hard, leaving a significant proportion of public planners feeling undervalued, under-rewarded and, most significantly, under-resourced.

Here are some of the key findings – you can download the full survey here.

Career progression



Francesca Perry is founder and editor of Thinking City

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