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Pegasus announces promotions and relocation

Written by: Prithvi Pandya
Published on: 18 Jan 2022

Jim Tarzey [square]Pegasus Group has announced several promotions within its business, while the London office has relocated to a new premises.

Its new city centre office is located at 21 Ganton Street, London, W1F 9BN, with its phone number and contact details remaining the same.

In Manchester Philip Robinson and Graham Lamb have been promoted to senior planning directors.

Catherine O’Toole and David Pickford in the Birmingham office, Richard Morison in Bristol, Darren Muir in Liverpool and Rebecca Grace in Leeds have been promoted to associates.

James Clark (East Midlands), Emma Ridley (Leeds), Jonathan Storey (Liverpool) and Kerry Walker and Kate Roberts in Manchester have all been promoted to principal level.

Henri Scanlon (Bristol), Olivia James (Cambridge), Harry Ramsey and Adam Jones (Cirencester), Ben Gibson (Leeds), Bethany Lambourne (London) and Nicolas Whittington (Solent) are now senior planners.

Katie Gregory (Birmingham) and Charlotte Connor (Newcastle) are both promoted to planners.

James Atkin in the Birmingham office has become a senior director, and in Leeds Dale Turner and Kate Curtis are now senior directors.

Katie Machin in Birmingham, and Frances Horne in Leeds have both been promoted to director.

In Cirencester Annabel Roberts is now associate environment planner and Robyn Friesner becomes associate landscape architect.  

In Birmingham Sophie Entwisle is now principal landscape architect, Jannah Zainal Abidin becomes landscape architect and Alastair Plowman is promoted to associate landscape architect.  

In Leeds Ellen Krier is promoted to senior landscape architect and Victoria Randall is now landscape architect.

Image credit | Pegasus Group

Pictured: Jim Tarzey, CEO and one of the founding directors of Pegasus Group