The Friday Five 19.03.21

Published on: 19 Mar 2021

Five of the best from Planner Jobs this week. And some entertaining facts to amuse and intrigue you.


Location: Near Guildford, Surrey

The job: “Planit Consulting are looking for a Senior Planner with experience to assist deliver planning permissions at a variety of scales. The successful candidate would be, managing their own projects and working closely with a range of clients. As an experienced planner, you will be responsible for taking briefs from call-in’s, meeting with clients and preparing fee proposals as well as delivering the projects alongside a team of planning professionals.

“You will be an experienced Town Planner with 2+ years’ experience gained in a public or private sector setting. You will already have solid planning experience allowing you to sit at Senior Planner level, already be a chartered member of the RTPI or on course for chartership in the near future."

“If you haven’t yet worked in the private sector, don’t be put off! The owner and other senior staff will be there to support you in making the transition.”


Maori Mask [square]Fun fact:

Near to Guildford is West Clandon, home to Clandon Park, within which sits the only Māori meeting house in the UK. Called Hinemihi, it was originally built in 1880 in Te Wairoa, New Zealand. It was brought to Clandon Park in 1891 by the fourth Earl of Onslow, William Hillier. as a souvenir from his time as governor of the country.

The name Hinemihi specifically references the traditional Maori carvings, and in 2019 the National Trust agreed to return the originals to New Zealand in exchange for new replacement carvings.

Fun Fact Extra: Guildford is also the place where the usual writer of the Friday 5 grew up. (He’s off this week - you can probably tell.)

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Location: Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

The job: "North Lincolnshire Council is seeking an experienced planning officer to join our busy team in delivering a high quality and customer focused service. Based in our new and progressive workspace in a town centre location you will bring with you a well – developed knowledge of planning procedures and the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues to meet multiple deadlines.

“Your duties will range from processing planning applications to presenting evidence for public inquiries and planning appeals and we will need you to travel around the urban and rural areas of North Lincolnshire to undertake this key role.”

2.Crisps [square]Fun fact:

The cheese and onion crisp was invented by Scunthorpe-based Golden Wonder in 1962 – the company’s first flavoured crisp. Since then, of course, crisp flavours have mushroomed (albeit your F5 correspondent cannot immediately bring to mind a mushroom flavoured crisp).

We Brits remain very much a fan of this particular form of the humble spud. In 2017, Tayto Group, today’s owners of the Golden Wonder brand, added new jobs at the Scunthorpe crisp factory where it was looking to increase production capabilities and bagging capacity.

The cheese and onion flavour has been the subject of extreme controversy related to its presentation to market. Other crisp manufacturers seem to think cheese and onion should come in blue bags with salt and vinegar in green. Let us be very clear on this point: Golden Wonder’s approach - cheese and onion green, salt and vinegar blue - is the correct one. Blue for cheese and onion? What is the world coming to?

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Location: Dover, Kent

The job:  “Dover District Council are looking for a full time, qualified Town Planner to lead their Development Management team which includes dealing with all types of planning applications and submissions from pre-app through to implementation. We are seeking someone with experience of managing the various political, legal and public sensitivities associated with dealing with complex and challenging submissions in a timely way. As the  Planning and Development Manager, you will play an integral part in shaping the built environment across the Dover District.

“You must be a proven leader able to inspire and motivate staff and manage team priorities. You must be able to demonstrate the ability to work on your own initiative as well as delegating across  teams.  This role requires an organised methodical individual able to manage budgets and ensure compliance as well as somebody with the curiosity and tenacity to explore opportunities, problem solve and think outside the box."

3.Dover Castle [square]Fun fact:

Close to a year ago, Dover Castle was lit in blue ‘as a sign of respect and encouragement’ for the work of essential workers during the early days of the pandemic. But this was far from the first time the castle has been turned something other than its traditional grey. It’s been lit up in yellow in support of the RNLI (to match the lifeboat organisation’s yellow boots and overalls) as well as in pink to raise awareness for a breast cancer campaign. 

The castle’s setting makes it an obvious beacon, and it was also lit up in floodlights back in 2012 to celebrate the London Olympics. Torches were placed throughout the castle grounds as the official Olympic torch passed through its gates on day 61 of the Olympic Torch relay.

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Location: Bingley, West Yorkshire

The job: “We are looking for somebody with drive and motivation to lead and expand our (non-minerals) Development Planning team and deliver excellent advice and high-quality work for our clients.

”Previous minerals and waste experience is not essential as this role will centre around our industrial, retail and residential client base.

”The ideal candidate would have past consultancy experience, great communication skills, the ability to develop relationships with new clients and a strong background in the preparation of planning applications, EIAs, site appraisals and have a track record of successful project management. MRTPI is essential.”

4.Damart [square]Fun fact:

Five miles north of Bradford, the market town of Bingley is overshadowed at one end by the chimney of the Damart mill.

This, and the nearby warehouse at Steeton, is run by Damartex. the French owners of the Damart brand. The company's  thermal clothing is produced using a fibre known as Thermolactyl, an “active heat” fabric invented in 1953 that has since been dubbed the first “smart textile”. The fabric holds ‘triboelectric’ properties, with triboelectricity being the term for an electric charge generated by friction (Thermolactyl generates triboelectricity through its micro-rubbing against the skin).

The developing world of smart textiles promises fabrics that provide health monitoring data through interwoven electronic devices, or even light up in the dark. In this respect, Damart’s products are early examples of an increasingly revolutionary textiles form. 

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Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The job: “We are looking to recruit commercially aware, qualified planners at Senior Planner and/or Associate level to help grow the Practice and to play a central role in maintaining our excellent client relationships and high levels of service. There is excellent scope for career progression in a friendly office environment. 

“We have a diverse range of clients including national and regional house builders, corporate entities, private estate owners, major utility companies and a range of public sector clients including County, Borough and Town Councils. As a valued member of our team we would like to involve you in the preparation of planning applications and appeals, project management, the creation of masterplans and development strategies, the promotion of land for development, public consultations and exhibitions and a whole host of development and land related projects.”

5.Tunbridge Wells [square]Fun fact:

It’s now 25 years since the JD Wetherspoon pub chain bought Tunbridge Wells’ famous old opera House and converted it into one of their branches.

The good news is that it still looks and feels like a theatre, with brass railings and chandeliers to the fore. Every year the pub closes for a few days to return to its former use. If you’re lucky enough to tour the building you can look down from the building’s top tier to see the entirety of the pub laid out in front of you.

Plenty of nice touches remain, including an ashtray between every seat. You can’t use them for their originally intended purpose, of course - but they’re a  reminder of the grand old building’s former purpose.

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