ULI UK announces new chairman

Published on: 18 Jul 2017

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has announced that Christopher Choa has become its new chairman, serving on a voluntary basis for the next two years.

Choa is the director of cities and urban development at AECOM. He takes over from Simon Clark, formerly a partner at Linklaters LLP, who grew the membership to over 1,000 industry professionals.

Choa has said he wants to further boost the UK council’s membership and raise its profile as Britan tackles a number of economic and political changes. He believes the UK should embrace globalisation and solidarity among cities, promotion culture, equality and a more cohesive collaborative society. To contribute to achieving this, he said he will build relationships with UK mayors.

“Cities are crucial to help Britain bridge uncertainties," said Choa. "Our urban lands bring together the greatest number of people, and create the most social and economic value.”

“ULI attracts an extraordinary range of considerations from every related discipline – from investors and developers, to designers and software engineers. We identify and create new opportunities for individuals and companies who seek ways to influence and contribute to the communities around them.”

Choa's recent work includes advising on major urban renewal projects in China and the Middle East, and in India, where prime minister Narendra Modi is leading a major initiative to develop smart cities across the country.

He will shortly set out his plans for the next two years, which will include a focus on helping cities evolve for seniors and making the most of connectivity.