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Competence, career- building, credibility - Or why it's worth joining the RTPI

Published on: 18 Oct 2016

CompetenceAs an RTPI member, you’ll get access to knowledge and networks that can help you build a successful career. You’ll also gain the professional credibility that comes from being a part of an internationally respected organisation.

Even if you’re a student starting out on your professional journey you can benefit from RTPI membership. As you build your career, we can support you every step of the way, with career guidance, skills training, events, networking, professional advice and legal support. We’ll also keep you up to date with new research and news about what’s happening in the planning world. What’s more, we’ll represent your interests in discussions and debates with policymakers about changes to planning law and practice.

Finally, we’ll guide your journey towards the pinnacle of membership. We encourage members to keep on learning throughout their careers, and once you reach a certain level of experience and competence, we can award you Chartered status. This is in recognition of your professional ability and could boost your reputation and employability. RTPI membership is the best way to really become part of a vibrant, challenging and interesting profession. There are different classes of RTPI membership, each aimed at planners at different stages of their career, or at people transferring from related fields. Lawyers specialising in planning and development can also be professionally recognised.


Starting point: Student Membership

Student Membership gives students aiming to become planners the opportunity to access RTPI services and up-to-date information at an early stage of their career. Student membership is free if you’re on an accredited course (see pages 30-31 for courses) and you will get access to low-cost training and networking events to help you get on the job ladder. Once you’ve completed an RTPI-accredited degree you can apply for the next stage of membership and begin your journey to becoming a Chartered Town Planner.


End goal: Chartered Membership

Chartered Membership is the pinnacle of RTPI membership and is earned through a combination of education and experience. Chartered Town Planner status acts as a guarantee of your professional competence with potential employers and clients, enabling you to move on up the job ladder and opening up new and challenging experiences. This could include working abroad for multi-disciplinary firms. The path towards becoming a Chartered Town Planner will help you develop your skills and knowledge, and it’ll open doors to these new opportunities.


How do you become a Chartered Town Planner?

You can be recognised as a Chartered Town Planner by having a qualification in planning or a number of years’ experience in planning practice – or more likely both. The routes to achieve Chartered status involve an assessment of your professional experience and competence, known as an Assessment of Professional Competence. As you work your way towards Chartered status, the RTPI can provide guidance, support and mentoring through its network of Young Planners who have already been through the process themselves.


Reaping the benefits

  • Our award-winning monthly publication The Planner and its twice-weekly online news digest
  • The RTPI’s monthly e-bulletin and regional bulletins
  •  Expert help in working towards gaining your MRTPI designation
  •  RTPI Jobs Boards
  •  Access to our specialist interest networks
  • The opportunity to participate in RTPI activities to promote the role of planners to key stakeholders
  • The opportunity to use and grow your skills as a volunteer
  • The latest planning policy and research reports
  • Discounts to excellent continuing professional development briefings, workshops, training and a wide range of networking events
  • Offers and discounts to a range of services
  • Discounted rates for the major planning event of the year – the RTPI Planning Convention
  • Access to career advice and guidance

Martine Koch, Head of Membership for the RTPI

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